Q610TA20d:Download LMQ610TAL Firmware ROM – Android 9.0 Pie

Here you can download the LMQ610TAL firmware Q610TA20d from LG official website. IMEI:3575680902xxxxx Model: LMQ610TAL Suffix: ATMOOP Buyer: TMO, T-mobile Software Version: Q610TA20D_00 OS Version:P File Name:Q610TA20d_00_TMO_US_OP_1119.kdz KDZ File size:2724467706 Download:Q610TA20d_00_TMO_US_OP_1119.kdz Android Security Patch Level: November 1, 2019 Broken Links, Please head to http://9to5lg.com/imei where you can download the latest firmware for your phone with … Read more