Philippines LG G4 Dual LTE LG H818P Stock firmware H81820H

Safe and fast download LG G4 Dual LTE LG H818P (LGH818P) Stock firmware from LG official website.

As requested by an LG G4 Dual LTE H818P User in Philippine, we here share with you the LG G4 Dual LTE LG H818P Stock firmware H818P20h_00_1019.kdz.

Below you can find the direct download URL for LG G4 Dual LTE LG H818P (LGH818P) Stock KDZ firmware from LG server.


Model: LGH818P

Suffix: APHLOP

Buyer: PHL

Country: Philippines

Software Version: H81820H_00

OS Version: M

File Name: H818P20h_00_1019.kdz

KDZ File size: 1789140517

Can not download the kdz file from the above URL with a browser? PLEASE download and install XDM download manager first. Just copy the above URL and start a new Download JOB in the XDM download manager to save the H818P20h_00_1019.kdz onto your computer.

The firmware update builds H818P20h was released on November 08, 2016. It might be the last update for the device. 

Will LG G4 Dual LTE LG H818P receive Android N 7.0 Update? It seems that LG official will not release any more Update for the LG G4 Dual LTE LG H818P.

To track LG G4 DUAL LTE H818P software Update history, please visit this link.


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