LGUP 1.15 manual –how to unbrick/restore your LG devices with LGUP.

What is the LGUP?

LGUP is a program developed by LG Electronics. The LGUP tool allows you to flash the kdz/tot/bin format LG Stock firmware onto your LG android devices.The LGUP software has three verisons: LGUP for Store, LG for Lab and LGUP for Developers. LG up for Store is the most popular one.

The current version of the LGUP is Ver. 1.15. It can be used to flash stock firmwares onto LG V30, V35, G6, G7 and many other LG devices.

What is KDZ?

KDZ is the format which LG uses when posting official firmware releases on their website. KDZ are all stock releases from LG. Custom ROMs do not come as KDZ. KDZ files are flashed with LG Flash Tool or LGUP.

Where to Get Stock kdz firmware

Most of the LG phones now have stock firmwares comes with KDZ file format. In the U.S. LG do not offer the kdz firmware for LG devices on Sprint, AT&T, Boost mobile, Tracfone.
For U.S. Consumers, All phones listed here have stock kdz firmware.

For old LG devices released before 2015, Please visit https://lg-firmware-rom.com/ and input your device’s IMEI to download kdz firmware

Where I can download the LGUP 1.14

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SOhoR2hn9PKiIvUUeiDVeX-8PfuMx1qq

How to install the LGUP 1.14

1)Unzip LGUP-1.14.zip

2)Double click the LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi to install LGUP 1.14 onto your PC

3)Once installation is complete, Go the patch folder where you unzip the LGUP-1.14.zip

4)Move the lgup.exe to C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP and overwrite the existing files

5)Move the model folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP and overwrite the existing files and folders.

6)Run the LGUP.exe to launch the LGUP tool.


Where I can download the LGUP 1.15.

The LG UP 1.15 is not public available.

Understanding the features and functions of LGUP

1) REFURBISH: You will lost all user data(KDZ or TOT)

2) UPGRADE: Keep data and update your phone(KDZ or TOT)

Select Upgrade to flash kdz firmware to unbrick/restore your phone back to stock.

3) ChipErase: Dangerous, This will erase IMEI/efs, Do not try this if you do not have a NV backup.

Chip Erase can also remove the Google FRP on many LG devices with Android 5.0, 6.0. (Such as LG H345, LG MS345)

4)PARTITION DL:flash the single Parition or selected paritions onto your phone.

This feature can solve “uknown model” issues. This feature can be used to bypass google frp by flashing specific tot firmware.

5)DUMP:Dump all paritions of your phone as backup.,

AT&T and Spring LG phone users who may need this feature to dump the firmware from a working phone as back up and use Patition DL to restore phones.
Because there are no STOCK KDZ firmware available for AT&T and Spring LG phone.

6) FOTA Upgrade: This can be used to flash OTA Update file that comes with dot up file extention.


How to unbrick/restore your phone back to stock with LGUP. 

If you can still get your phone into download mode, Your phone is soft bricked, You can use LGUP to unbrick it.

Download and Install LG USB drivers

Download the kdz firmware for your phone.

Download and Install LGUP [ Follow guides here]

Download and Install LG UP DLL for your phone or use Uppercut.exe from XDA developer

Now You have everything ready, Run the LGUP software. If LG UP can find your phone, You will see the LGUP main screen. If LG UP cannot find your phone, You need to put your phone into download mode first and run the LGUP again.

Step 1, From LGUP main screen, Select Upgrade and click Bin file

Step 2, select the kdz firmware for your phone.

Step  3, Click Start to flash the firmware. Once it is 100% completed, Your phone will be restarted and back to life.