LG LMX410TK Firmware T-mobile LG K30 X410TK10k

LG LMX410TK Firmware Android Nougat 7 Builds NMR2

Below you can download the LMX410TK (T-mobile) Stock KDZ firmware from LG server.

T-mobile LG K30 LG LMX410TK Firmware


Model: LMX410TKB

Suffix: ATMOOP

Buyer: TMO

Country: United States

Carrier: T-MOBILE

Software Version: X410TK10K_00

OS Version: NMR2

File Name: X410TK10k_00_TMO_US_OP_0919.kdz


LG LMX410TK Firmware T-mobile

Can’t download the LG LMX410TK Firmware from the above URL with a browser?

PLEASE download and install XDM download manager first. Just copy the above URL and start a new Download JOB in the XDM download manager to save the X410TK10k firmware onto your computer.

Learn how to flash X410TK10k_00_TMO_US_OP_0919.kdz with LGUP, Check this guide.

A hard reset or master reset can fix almost all software and apps issues on the LMX410TK smartphone. Learn how to perform a reset, please have a look at LMX410TK owners manual.

Bypass Google FRP on LMX410TKB? flashing the stock kdz firmware for LMX410TKB does not allow you to bypass the Google Account Verification process.

LMX410TKB SIM-unlock? flashing stock firmware with LGUP can not unlock your LMX410TKB phone.  You need to use T-mobile’s official SIM Unlock app to unlock your LG K30 on T-mobile.

Below you can download some useful tools and Software for LG K30 X410TK10k :

Download: LGUP 1.14:


Download LG Bridge for Windows:


Download LG Bridge for Mac:


Download the latest LG USB Drivers

/LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.2.0.exe [Latest LG USB drivers 4.2] for Windows

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