LG K20 2019 LMX120HM: 4G LTE Bands and Network Compatibility

The LG K20 2019 LMX120HM (LM-X120HM) has just received the FCC Approval.

The LG K20 2019 with the model number LMX120HM supports following Frequency Bands, According to the SAR TEST report submitted to the FCC.

LTE B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/28/66

825–848.8MHz (GSM 850)
1850.2–1910MHz (GSM 1900)
826.4–846.6 MHz (WCDMA 850 Band V)
1712.4–1752.6MHz (WCDMA 1700 Band IV)
1852.4–1907.6 MHz (WCDMA1900 Band II)
1860–1900MHz (LTE Band 2)
824.7–848.3MHz (LTE Band 5)
2502.5–2567.5MHz (LTE Band 7)
699.7–715.3MHz (LTE Band 12)
706.5 –713.5MHz(LTE Band 17)
1710.7–1779.3MHz (LTE Band66)
2412 –2462 MHz (Wi-Fi2.4G)

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