Australia LG K50S LMX540ZMW Firmware Update

LG K50S Firmware Update LG official is rolling out a new software update via OTA for the LG K50s launched in Australia. Starting November 15, 2019, Australia LG K50S LMX540ZMW users can install the software through LG Bridge. Model Buyer Suffix Buyer/Carrier Last Update Date LMX540ZMW AUS AUSTRALIA 11-15-2019 According to LG official, The Update … Read more

LG K20 2019 LMX120HM: 4G LTE Bands and Network Compatibility

The LG K20 2019 LMX120HM (LM-X120HM) has just received the FCC Approval. The LG K20 2019 with the model number LMX120HM supports following Frequency Bands, According to the SAR TEST report submitted to the FCC. GSM850/900/1800/1900 WCDMA850/9000/1700/1900/2100 LTE B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/28/66 825–848.8MHz (GSM 850) 1850.2–1910MHz (GSM 1900) 826.4–846.6 MHz (WCDMA 850 Band V) 1712.4–1752.6MHz (WCDMA 1700 Band … Read more

LG G6 H870 Pie Beta Firmware Update

Model: LG-H870 Size: 2342.89MB Old Version: LGH870AT-V20k-ZAF-XX-JUL-24-2019+0 New Verison: LGH870AT-V29a-ZAF-XX-SEP-05-2019+0 Test date: 2019-9-5 Model: TEST-MODEL Size: 2274MB Old Version: LGH870AT-V20k-ISR-XX-JUL-24-2019+0 New Verison: LGH870AT-V29a-ISR-XX-SEP-05-2019+0 Test date: 2019-9-5 Model: TEST-MODEL Size: 2251.83MB Old Version: LGH870DSUAT-V20q-ISR-XX-AUG-02-2019+0 New Verison: LGH870DSUAT-V29a-ISR-XX-SEP-10-2019+0 Test date: 2019-9-10 Model:LG-H870DS Size: 2251.82MB Old Version: LGH870DSAT-V20q-AUS-XX-AUG-02-2019+0 New Verison: LGH870DSAT-V29a-AUS-XX-SEP-10-2019+0 Test date: 2019-9-10 Model:TEST-MODEL Size: 2253.13MB Old … Read more

LG V30 H930DS Pie Firmware Update Status

LG official is testing the V30z firmware for the LG V30 H930DS in Singapore and Taiwan.  It is an OTA Update from V30c to V30z Singapore LG V30 H930DS Model: LG-H930DS Size:163.39MB Old Verison:LGH930DSAT-V30c-SEA-XX-SEP-03-2019+0 New Version:LGH930DSAT-V30z-SEA-XX-SEP-03-2019+0 Test date:2019-09-03 Taiwan LG V30 H930DS Model: LG-H930DS Size:163.35MB Old Verison: LGH930DSAT-V30c-TWN-XX-SEP-03-2019+0 New Version: LGH930DSAT-V30z-TWN-XX-SEP-03-2019+0 Test date:2019-09-03 India LG … Read more

LG OTA Update Beta firmware – August 16

Model Older Version New Version Size Date TEST-MODEL LMX320PMAT-V0Ga-310-120-JUL-22-2019-ARB00+0 LMX320PMAT-V0Gb-310-120-AUG-16-2019-ARB00+0 737.02MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300S LGMV300SAT-V30c-SKT-KR-JUL-15-2019-64G+0 LGMV300SAT-V30f-SKT-KR-AUG-16-2019-64G+0 803.4MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300S LGMV300SAT-V30c-SKT-KR-JUL-15-2019-256G+0 LGMV300SAT-V30f-SKT-KR-AUG-16-2019-256G+0 803.4MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300S LGMV300SAT-V30c-SKT-KR-JUL-15-2019-128G+0 LGMV300SAT-V30f-SKT-KR-AUG-16-2019-128G+0 803.4MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300L LGMV300LAT-V30d-LGU-KR-JUL-19-2019-64G+0 LGMV300LAT-V30f-LGU-KR-AUG-16-2019-64G+0 478.82MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300L LGMV300LAT-V30d-LGU-KR-JUL-19-2019-256G+0 LGMV300LAT-V30f-LGU-KR-AUG-16-2019-256G+0 478.82MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300L LGMV300LAT-V30d-LGU-KR-JUL-19-2019-128G+0 LGMV300LAT-V30f-LGU-KR-AUG-16-2019-128G+0 478.82MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300K LGMV300KAT-V30c-KT-KR-JUL-15-2019-64G+0 LGMV300KAT-V30f-KT-KR-AUG-16-2019-64G+0 987.22MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300K LGMV300KAT-V30c-KT-KR-JUL-15-2019-256G+0 LGMV300KAT-V30f-KT-KR-AUG-16-2019-256G+0 987.22MB 2019-8-16 LGM-V300K LGMV300KAT-V30c-KT-KR-JUL-15-2019-128G+0 LGMV300KAT-V30f-KT-KR-AUG-16-2019-128G+0 … Read more

LG X Power 2 Stock kdz firmware

Here you can download the stock kdz firmware for the LG X Power 2 (Model: LG M320N). LG official is rolling out the Android Oreo 8.1 Software Update for the European LG X power 2. The Update is software version M320n20a – Android 8.1 Build OMR1. Those who want to upgrade the LG X power 2 M320n … Read more